Who we are

And so, Gmlwisemail and Lovestring kick-start Gift Avenue Cafe wherein people together with their family, loved ones and friends can dine, shop, learn and be inspired. Together they envision that nothing is impossible as long as you believe in what you do and what you can do. Thus, Gift Avenue Cafe was born as an interactive concept store and cafe with a heart. .


Gift Avenue Cafe was born from the heart of two passionate individuals, Lovestring and Gmlwisemail. Lovestring began as an online seller of cellphone accessories but the truth behind that is arts is her passion. Going back in time, her hobby was creating handmade stuff that she gave as gift to her family. That time, she always tell herself that someday she can showcase her works, share her ideas, and learn from others that share the same passion with her.
On the other hand, Gmlwisemail’s passion is creating something from scratch. He likes to innovate and develop concepts which will help fellow entrepreneurs, food enthusiasts, artisans, crafters, and fellow online sellers showcase their products from the heart and bring up opportunities to learn from each other.